Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Port Andratx & Zarzuela

Tuesday 12 June 2007
Ana Mora called me this morning. She has to go to Adriano to pick up a camera she left on a dive boat. She asked me if I wanted to accompany her. I answered in the affirmative, and she picked me up at 1000. After she got her camera and we walked to the foot of the breakwater to take in the view of shoreline to the west, she drove to a viewpoint overlooking Illa del Toro and Es Malgrat. Ana then drove to Port Andratx where we walked to Mol Vel, another breakwater, and took some pictures. We then drove through the mountains on narrow crooked roads, narrowly avoiding several crashes. We passed through the villages of Capdellá, Galilea, Puigpunyent, and Sa Vileta on our way back to Palma. I took a siesta before Angel got home from work. Then we went shopping for camping gear for a couple of hours.

Lola had recommended that I attend a Zarzuela. It is similar to an operetta, but never dramatic. They are romantic comedy. I had decided to attend one this evening and invited Lola to accompany me. She agreed even though she has a very tight schedule with her music lessons and work taking up a lot of time. She picked me up near Angel´s condo, and we rode to the Zarzuela in her Cabrio convertible. We saw La Cancion del Olvido. The vocalists were very impressive, and the orchestra, costumes and sets wonderful. I understood the story, although I understood little of the dialog and got only a couple of the jokes.

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