Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tapas y mas

Wednesday 13 June 2007
I spent most of the day shopping for gifts. Angel got home late, 2100. He asked me if I wanted to go out for tapas. I assumed that we were just going around the corner to a place where we have eaten before, but Angel walked right past it. Angel walks much faster than I do and I often have to rush to keep up with him. He wandered through El Corte Inglés, Plaça Espanya, Calle Sant Miguel, and many small narrow streets, before arriving at Plaça Rei Joan Carles. He stopped in front of the tapas bar where I ate the first day I explored the center of Palma.

He made a phone call and told me we were waiting for some friends. We explored the streets to the south and east of Plaça Rei Joan Carles until he got a phone call from a friend letting us know she had arrived. We went to the tapas bar where I met Luisa, a nurse at the hospital where Angel works, and his best friend. She stayed in the spare room at his house for 6 months before I arrived. She is a delightful young lady, always smiling and laughing. The restaurant was very crowded. Luisa put her name on the waiting list for a table. Then Angel introduced me to Carmen, a gynecologist at the hospital, a delightful woman only slightly more serious than Luisa.

Angel ordered a variety of plates that included morcilla (a wonderful blood sausage) con huevos, and croquets of cod. Angel, Luisa, and I drank rioja, a red wine, with dinner. Angel and I drank several chupitos, sweet liquor, after dinner. Then Carmine took us to a small cosy bar with a beautiful exposed beam ceiling. Carmine ordered a mojito, and the rest of us ordered pomadas, gin with lemon juice. Luisa drove us home at 0230. I had a great time enjoying some wonderful new friends, foods and beverages.

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